The Story of Us – 5 Reasons to See This Movie Again

The movie “The Story of Us” is not a movie that has just been previously released. It actually was released back in 1999. This is a movie that can stand the test of time because of what the movie is about. There are 5 main reasons why everyone should watch this movie again.

1. The all star cast is brilliant. The lead characters are played by Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. Rob Reiner, who also directed the movie, Rita Wilson and Julie Hagerty all play the friends of the main characters. Everyone delivers excellent performances.

2. The story is timeless because it addresses the situations that so many couples face.

3. Bruce and Michelle play a married couple named Ben and Katie, who have been married for 15 years and they have 2 children. They start to contemplate divorce because they have been married for so long that they forget why they fell in love.

4. What sets this story apart is that it is told a lot in flash backs showing how and where Ben and Katie went wrong. They try everything to stay together including therapy. Their story will inspire other couples going through the same thing.

5. The moral of the story is that everyone is not perfect and if you love someone you take them as they are. No marriage no matter how long is going to be perfect. This is the lesson that Ben and Katie learn.

This movie is awesome and everyone especially those couples experiencing the same relationship problems as Ben ad Katie should see this movie. it can be rented or purchased at any video store. Do yourself and your partner a favor and get this movie. You will be glad you did.