Best True Story Movies

Based on a true story movies are one of the best kinds. They are more inspirational than other kind of movie because you know it is achievable. This gives you hope and also lets you feel more for the movie. Because you know it happened to a real person. True story movies are either sad or really cool. What the person achieved is something you can look up too. Here are some of the best true story movie I watched.

Top 3: Into the Wild: This movie is a good movie to watch. It’s about this kid who starts living his life, the way he wants too. Traveling across American by hitch hiking, walking or another sort of transportation. He learns what his life is about and loves it. You should watch this movie because it shows how people change. From one life to another, he found himself. This is one of my favorite movie I watched.

Top 2: Black Hawk Down: This is an action packed movie based on the fall of the Black Hawk. One of the best helicopters that was made, they needed to save the pilots of the helicopter. This movie is super intense from the beginning to the very end. Many sad scenes and also crazy action packed scenes. This movie is about a mission that was supposed to take 1 hour. But it ends up to take 15 hours and they are in the battle within the streets of Mogadishu with Somali militia. Great movie to watch when you want an action packed true story movie.

Top 1: Pursuit of Happiness: A very inspirational movie that makes you think about your life. Then the life of the person of the movie. You reflect on what you are doing with your life; are you getting the best out of it? What is happiness, he ventures off thinking that he will run a successful business. When all fails, he becomes homeless, divorced and with his son. He knew what he had to do to protect his son, so he went on to get the toughest job there is. It’s all about will power, go watch the movie. Become inspired.

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